What Is Sheep Placenta And Is It Really Good For Aging Skin?

What Is Sheep Placenta

The idea of using placenta in a skin care product might seem a little strange at first, but many of the highest-quality anti-aging products contain ingredients derived from animals. While they might not advertise it up front,these manufacturers are relying on the soothing and healing properties that are found only in animal-based substances.

Ovine placenta is one of the most popular and effective options available, but its benefits might be a little difficult to understand at first. What is sheep placenta, how is it used in skin care products, and can it help you erase wrinkles and other signs of aging? Here is a look at the facts.

What Is Sheep Placenta?

The placenta is a piece of tissue that develops to provide nutrition for unborn mammals while they are still in the womb. After birth, this tissue is usually discarded or eaten by the mother. It can also be collected and processed into a beneficial material that provides stem cells and other substances that encourage healing in humans.

While it is possible to use any kind of placenta for this purpose, tissue from sheep has been shown to produce a stronger effect in many cases. That is why ovine placenta products are the best option for anyone who wants to improve their complexion and reduce the visible effects of aging.

How is Placenta Different?

Unlike many other animal-derived products, placenta contains special cells that can encourage regeneration of damaged DNA and tissues. Stem cells extracted from ovine placentas are especially compatible with human cells, allowing them to figuratively “turn back the clock”, encouraging tissue to return to a healthier, more youthful state.

Originally used in only the most expensive treatments, this substance has recently become available in less costly products. That means that even everyday users can now get the benefits of sheep placenta without breaking the bank. The result is better hydration and healing for damaged skin. Some people even discover that they experience fewer breakouts and clearer, less-irritated skin.

Choosing an Ovine Placenta Product

Not every product that contains sheep placenta will provide all the anti-aging benefits your skin needs. It is important to look not just at the placenta, but also at the other ingredients used to create the specific formula you are considering. For instance, a product that includes extra skin-nourishing factors such as lanolin and manuka honey can help your skin heal more effectively than one which contains placenta extracts alone.

The ideal product for you should also include a guarantee to make sure you get the most out of your choice. Look for at least a 30 day money-back guarantee to ensure that you are not buying a formula that will cause an allergic reaction or produce few to no results. That is the best way for men and women alike to get their ideal anti-aging solution.

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